Dr Rodney Syme AM

Urologist and former Vice President of Dying with Dignity Victoria

For over 25 years, Dr Syme persistently and patiently advocated for safe and legal voluntary assisted dying laws to enable patients to have to control over the end of their lives.

"Having this choice is, of itself, a powerful palliative tool and enables patients to live what remains of their lives without fear or anxiety about what lies ahead of them."

Dr Syme has been at the forefront of raising public awareness of the importance of end of life medical care, the need for open and frank discussions about death and dying, advance care planning and the rights of patients to control their care and to refuse treatment.

Dr Syme’s books, A Time to Die (2017) and A Good Death (2008) have comprehensively addressed the issues surrounding death and dying and end of life care and articulated a powerful case for voluntary assisted dying laws. He has also given numerous speeches and media appearances including on Australian Story in March 2016.

Dr Syme continues to provide invaluable guidance and support to many in the medical profession, particularly GPs, who deal with terminally and chronically ill patients in their daily practice.